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2005 an year in review… The majority of the world’s population may not know what I am talking about..

December 28, 2005


2005- An year of lost opportunities… Of Financial ruin thanks to two extremely wonderful yet expensive balls….(and a lot of birthday presents). An year of two big crushes…that didnt result in anything due to their secrecy. An year of Warmann devices that reversed when it was supposed to go forward… An Year of bumming around […]


December 26, 2005


Hey Merry Xmas every one!!! I am not a christian but I fail to understand why there is all this Political Corectness (PC) about wishing happy holidays instead of merry xmas. I mean… there is nothing wrong with it of course.. (it is a holiday and u should be happy), but the reason behind it […]

My lost best friend- my sunnys

December 23, 2005


I may be called materialistic, but I really did love my Ray -bans. But on one dark misty night I took my eyes off them (or took them off my eyes rather..) for a moment… in the darkness and utter missary of the engineering computer labs… Of course being the senseless idiot that I am, […]

Some thing to fill up a nothing… this may not make sense.

December 22, 2005


It may not seem that normal if i tell you that my favourite scene in the Movie " Narnia- The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe", was the very frist scene, this one scene in the entire movie that had absolutely nothing to do with it! (not the main story anyway) but I was blown […]