Posted on December 26, 2005


Hey Merry Xmas every one!!!

I am not a christian but I fail to understand why there is all this Political Corectness (PC) about wishing happy holidays instead of merry xmas. I mean… there is nothing wrong with it of course.. (it is a holiday and u should be happy), but the reason behind it is said to be tensions with members of other religions…in case some find it offensive.

Now I am not a christian angry about the main day of my relgion’s calander losing its meaning… to the contrary I am a Buddhist (the one main relgion that doesn’t really involve any god(s)). But I fail to see why people should complain… I mean.. isnt the whole point of having xmas, was to celebrate the birth of christ? is it not the true meaning of xmas… although today, there is more of an emphasis on presents(does the presents actually mean anything symbolically?.. can some one tell me I don’t know) and a COCA – COLA sponsered (or created rather) Santa. I know its also a time when the family gets togther and have a good time (which is a great side effect of xmas being a holiday) but making it happy holidays instead of Xmas and disconnecting it with the religion would just make it an empty holiday there only to empty the pockets of a lot of people into the cash registers of your nearest retail oulets.. a day there for coporates to make money.. seducing kds in to nagging their parents for presents. Geting presents for your kids to (express your love for them?) and unite as a family to celebrate (or not celebrate) christ is one thing… but making it just about the presents, shopping for turkeys and coporate profit, making it just another excuse for materialistc excesses without any spiritual meaning (u dont hav to be a christian, I use it to spend time with my family, which i hardly ever do.. and that is spritual)
just doesnt make any sense to me.

As a non- christian I don’t feel the least bit offended if some one wishes me merry xmas. They are just wishing that i be merry on a day that is spacial to them. And I am grateful to them for wishing me that. i mean you are allowed to have a day that is spacial for you. espacially if its the whole point of making it a holiday. And just like Muslims have their own days (like eedth- not sure if this is the correct spelling) and hindus hav Diwali, and we hav vesak (birth, enlightenment and nirvana of Buddha). and just coz these days are not holidays in many western countries, that doesnt mean Xmas, which is a holiday, should be stripped of its true meaning just so every one can celebrate it. if any thing those other days mentioned should be given recodnition (only if the local population wants this of course). But taking the true meaning out of xmas is not the solution. there is no law (not in New Zealand anyway) which states that you have to attend church on that day.

Of course every one should be able identify with and/ or be able to celebrate a spacial day like xmas today..ie- it should be inclusive of the whole diverse/ vibrant community… But for this you don’t hav to make it a secular holiday. If u arn’t christian, hey u still get a free holiday to spend with your families and i am sure that this is important in all religions… Why would you complain?

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