2005 an year in review… The majority of the world’s population may not know what I am talking about..

Posted on December 28, 2005


2005- An year of lost opportunities…

Of Financial ruin thanks to two extremely wonderful yet expensive balls….(and a lot of birthday presents).

An year of two big crushes…that didnt result in anything due to their secrecy.

An year of Warmann devices that reversed when it was supposed to go forward…

An Year of bumming around in uni doing worse in design projects than some people that you had to help out.

An year of love lost…

An year of All nighters at the computer labs….and still doing worse than people who had a good night sleep.

An year of boring and linguistically challenged lecturers.


But on the bright side…..


2005 – An year of trips to long bay…with a certain Chester Kalra who was dressed only in a golden fur coat.

An year of scores of new friends and the establishment of the ‘group’.

An year when sumana got a boyfriend for her birthday.

An year when Sonal unleashed herself on to the previously safe roads of Auckland.(just kidding sonal.. They were not that safe anyway:p).

An year of plenty of soccer and cricket.

An year of live bloopers (two many to list..).

An year of inventive birthday cards.

An year of lots an lots of movies (long live cheap tuesday) An year of kiwi country food and its fine cuisine.

An year of Ceroc.

An year of workshop.

An year filled wit hugs and kisses from the one and only warm sweet beautiful sach.

An year of locked gates and drunk girls who wouldn’t help u when u get stuck on top of those gates when u try to jump over..

An finally An year of friendship with a lot of very cool old and new friends, including the ten most beautiful young women in engineering :p (want me to list them?) .

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