Posted on February 21, 2006


As I wander around symonds st, giving misdirections to all those who dare to ask, It dawned on me: Uni’s about to start!!!! The long relaxing summer is finished (not that I had one of those though :o( ) and now its time to dive back head first in to the hustle and bustle of the first semester, with all its sticky goey assignments, the 8 o’ clock lectures in HSB god knows what, the all nighters, and the back packs that you feel getting heavier and heavier with text books (That you don’t actually end up reading) as you also feel your wallet getting lighter and lighter (with an exponential effect).
                      Add to this some butter chicken that suspisiously make you drowsy and unproductive for atleast 6 hrs post lunch, and hundreds of new and rediculous faces that constantly ends up getting lost in the most obivious of places and coming to you for directions, yet fully enjoying all the new found freedoms during  their first few weeks as you struggle to buckle down in you quest for honours ( and sadistically smile knowing what they r in for when the assignments, test, projects and labs start rolling), And you know its that time when you feel like you want to bite off your own ear and cook it in mayo.  Oh I can’t wait till Easter.
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