Uni: An Ant Eater’s guide To Being Eaten By Ants

Posted on March 11, 2006


As the mild Autumn sun arises from the horizon beyond the domain, shedding its light on the dark sillouette of the Engineering tower, we see most of the third year engineering students (by most I mean most)  sleepwalking towards their usual habitat in the EngCaf and the prison like Computer labs (like certian tropical carnivourous plants it traps unsuspecting first yrs without access cards, who think that the red exit button works). then further sleep walking takes places when the Mechanical, Electrical and Software students ‘hurry’ to their eight ‘o’ clock lectures. Then its time to reflect on the dreams you were having while the lecturer babbled about the Mohr’s whatshisshape(pronounced whats-his-shape).
Several hours and a few more lectures and assorted cookies  (by cookies I mean tutorials) later you will feel that you are finally woken up and fully alert (the strong coffee found at Engineering Cafeteria may have helped). so now its time to go to Jewel of India for a fine dose of Butter Chicken, which should put you back to sleep again..
soon you will wake up again and find that your to-do list has trippled in size since the last time you checked. You will go through your lecture-stuff folder and discover assignments that you cant even remember getting (let alone ever reading). dispite the work load that is obiviously getting more and more obbeese every day, you will naturally just sit on your posterior and procastinate like a confusled zombie sitting on a tree wondering why that monkey is staring at him like that… And soon you will find that you, the to-be  Ant Eater had just been eaten by an ant.
I apologise for the above passage not making any sense. I myself  only realized this afterwards…
In fact, If the above passage did make any sense to you, and you are convinced that you understood its massege, I recomend that you go see a Shrink..
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