Its time to remember the 5th of November even though we are still on May

Posted on April 30, 2006


Ah Easter….. While for school children it promises to be a fun filled fortnight full of funnily fulfilling chocolate eggs and flamboyant bunnies that hide them, and for university lecturers, a well earned break from having to give lectures to people ranging from self confessed know-it-alls to those who have horned the fine art of sleeping, for us students its that time when we get to….well,.. Not really have that much free time. Its like that wolf disguised in a sheepskin… It’s a plague of assignments, projects and the omnipresent threat of a test on first week back (for the unfortunate Mechatrons*).. Disguised as a holiday. Ah Easter… and its over before you’ve even finished off blurting the –ter out of your lips.

How ever I did get to see a few movies during this time… this has now resulted in me feeling guilty about not doing enough study (posthumous regret- a common disease that I suffer from) , but still I enjoyed most of them. Near the top of the list was “Keeping Mum”. Though it didn’t exactly press my buttons when my friends decided we should watch it, I actually found it to be extremely funny and enjoyable, not least due to the presence of good old Rowan “Mr Bean” Atkinson. The many dodgy undertones added to the spice and well, it was very funny.

But I have to say, what topped my list was none other than the viscously well made “V for Vandetta”. It undoubtedly was one of the best films that I have seen this year and captivated me in a fixating trance from the very opening words: “remember, remember the fifth of November…” and the unbelievable number of adjectives beginning with V fired out by the Guy Fawkes impersonating hero “V” (I swear that man must have said every single word in the Oxford dictionary under V, and at a pace a rapper will be proud off), in his introduction to the heroine “Evie” soon after, rattling her bones possibly a lot more than it did mine, and causing her to put forth the very valid and reasonably justified question and ask him, “Are you like a crazy person?” I won’t spoil the movie for you, just in case you haven’t already seen it, since it definitely is not a movie deserving of a spoiling. But I will definitely recommend it as a must watch…

*Mechatrons: People who think they are special but are really only Mechanical Engineers that play with the odd robotic arm instead of their own, if you catch my drift :p

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