Once more unto the breach my friends

Posted on January 1, 2007


Today I got up at 10 o’clock in the morning (local time of course).  Normally the habit is that you get up early on the first morning of the New Year, hoping that it would set precedent for a year far more productive than the last. Then you naturally proceed to slumber your way through the next 365.25 days, seeing less and less daylight as you go. However, after a night of partying and playing Singstar at a friend’s house (thanks Chamaya the party was awesome), and then going out to watch the New Year’s fire works only to arrive at the exact moment the display ended, I was yearning for my eight plus hours of sleep that is no less than a privilege considering I only have a week left till I return to work.


Any who, I don’t really care about this late start to the year as I know I have absolutely no option but to force myself up early every morning once work, and then UNI starts. But what really got myself thinking, was how time tends to go faster as you get older. In other words in your perspective time will not be linear. This was a result of a conversation I had while en route to see the fireworks. Back when I was about two feet tall, and life was simple and ideal, time went slow… and it was good! I could play all day which seemed to last an eternity without a care in the world.


Then I started school and had to do homework. I still don’t get the point of making 6 year olds remember the times tables or making 8 year olds write a book report for every book they read, especially when they are supposed to read 4 books a day, every day of the summer holidays (How the hell do you critically analyze the plot in Garfield? Or Billy Goat gruff). You can see how irritating that was. The point is that time was still going slow and I hated it. Slow time may seem even slower when you know your going to get beaten up if you don’t do the homework (which I never did). But I was growing and time was getting faster and faster. It only got to a level where it was fast enough when I was in 6th form in New Zealand (where your teacher couldn’t care less if you missed homework – and homework wasn’t that bad then anyway) and 6 and 7th form were the best years of my schooling (and my childhood I guess…. if you can call an 18 year old a child).


Then I dived head first into University life (from 13 years in 2 boys’ schools) and found myself free, like a Yoyo with its string chopped off as its spiraling down, free but also pretty much  left to my own elements, heading enthusiastically to oblivion. I found new friends and reaffirmed old alliances, and thanks to several very beautiful and lovely young women that completely spun me around on my head, I realized life could actually be quite enjoyable. But alas, for when this realization dawned on me, time had accelerated to a point where it was too fast for my liking.  Life was full of surprises and filled with good times as well as bad (as opposed to just bad times and people chasing you around with sticks) but they were all passing too quickly for me to enjoy them… And I am getting older. Soon I will graduate and will have to find work… my guess is that things will really speed up then. Before I know it I will whiz past 30, 40, 50, 60, and before I can collect my breath I will stop breathing… for good. Depressing isn’t it.


So the point is that you should savour every moment of happiness that you experience, because, before you know it, its gone… if you think things could only get better in the future, you may be right, but they won’t last that long either. Time will only get faster and faster. Every moment of happiness today is priceless because the next time you are happy, it may last only half as long, and eventually it wouldn’t even last long enough for you to notice it. And you will never get back what you miss out on. On that note I wish you all a happy new year.


As usual I apologize if my senseless blabbering makes no sense. I rant for so long, that I only realize what said makes no sense, when it is too late. Happy hunting

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