well then..

Posted on December 8, 2007


Ah, as I wonder whether anyone still bothers with their MSN space, given the multitude of things that can be readily done on Facebook, I’ve also realized that my long hiatus from my blog has helped to really devolve my writing skills to the level of a sorry neolithic single celled excuse for a … well…. writing skill.  Much has happened since my last blog entry –  the introduction of txt language into NCEA exams: we should all now recognize the unique talents of those who still fail to score 100% in the grammar section of NCEA English. I meanwhile managed to painfully finish my degree. But while I passed everything, the grades were still sorrily depressing and I, like all my fellow passengers stuck in this same self loathing boat, quite justifiably feel that my grades don’t even come within several miles to represent the amount of bloody work that i had to do. Note to self: when in your final year and your grades are the most important, don’t ever do the subject that you really like and you really wanted to do.. unless it also happens to be the easiest to get a A+ in.

But well, I’m done now, and thoroughly broke too. The most annoying thing about 2007 for me is that when I had no time to do the multitude of things that i wanted to do, I had not the financial ability to bring those dreams to fruition. Now, when I have all the time in the world, I got absolutely no money what so ever.

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