Oh yes the February fools day

Posted on February 1, 2009


A warm welcome to 2009!! Much time has passed since my last
rambling, much has happened and much has changed since then. For an instance,
does anyone actually visit MSN spaces now, with Facebook and Myspace taking up
most of ones life?  Since this is mainly
a means for me to kill time when there is absolutely nothing else to do (as is
the case at the moment), I have decided to conjure up the usual kind of
monologue that used to come up regularly for about the first few months after I
got caught up in the MSN spaces craze that swallowed up most of my friends at
university. Although I doubt that anyone would ever read this, as the Microsoft
era has definitely given way to the Facebook-googleian age. Those who used to
prowl the alleyways of MSN chat rooms are now indulging themselves in the
glories of World of Warcraft and Facebook groups. Instead of using Google to
find a site that can give you what you want, you can get it from Google itself.
Billy G is no longer has the heaviest bank balance and to top it all off Open
Office has made a timely arrival at the scene, just in time for the financial
crisis and the departure of the common man’s money (nothing beats a free deal
when you have no jobs, especially when it can do the same job as something that
cost $150).


But that’s okay; I will continue to ramble on. Usually I
don’t know what I’m writing about , until I have written it (the exception
being my review of V for Vendetta) and I pay no head to whether what I write
makes any sense( nor do I do this when I speak, and this has resulted in many a
disappointment). This explains the obligatory apology for wasting your time
which follows every post, which I may not have today. Although I have many
passions which I’m actively trying to be involved in (such as the fight against
climate change and development aid work), I chose not to write about these
issues but instead indulge myself in non-topical pointless chatter. This is
mainly because I’m not a serious writer, and I would probably do more damage
than good if I were to write about these issues. Instead I prefer to be a quiet
campaigner as I’ve found that I am very good at communicating through action,
but this is pretty much the only way I can communicate effectively (pretty
primitive and ape like really). Getting my point across in a speech or debate
is as easy for me as milking a Bull (if anyone has tried this, they would


Small talk for me is equally difficult. Although I’m the one
to enthusiastically start a conversation, this really survives the first two
exchanges of statements between my associate and I. After that it’s a long,
long period of awkward silence and tumbleweeds during which I try desperately
and with sweaty hands to find a decent topic with which to restart proceedings.
Hmmm… it seems to be true for my writings as well now, so I will bid you adieu
for the moment. To be continued… 

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