Finally, another one up the sprout – Teaching old posts to a new blog

Posted on February 23, 2011


Ah yes, let’s see…I started a post the other day, after a very long and more or less deliberate hiatus. Well to be honest, the MSN craze was past and we had all moved on to the first, then the second (current) Facebook era. Nobody really looked at or read MSN Spaces Blog anymore. But hey sometimes you get that nostalgia, and the unrelenting urge to immerse yourself in that which you, and the rest of humanity grew out of, gave up and locked up in the attic and now considers to be useless, archaic and fairly lame. I was going through precisely such a moment, and so dutifully loaded up my MSN space and started to type away.

Three lines later, I realised that a 3 year break from writing, and instead focusing on the deep dark world of engineering, with its number crunching, computations and writing unimaginative standardised reports had meant that my writing skill has shafted me, left my creativity bruised and battered and eloped with the cat next door.

So I saved it as a draft and went away till I was confident of my ability to write anything that doesn’t smell like an overused and unwashed sock. Now I’m not quite there yet, but tonight, about 3 hours ago, I got that urge again, as unrelenting and uncompromising as ever. So there I got again; but wait, my MSN Space url came up blank. In I went into Windows Live and lo and behold, apparently Spaces are to be no more. This was to be the final swansong. The once loyal MSN bloggers were now being moved (without much of a choice) to Word Press. Not that Word Press is unsavoury; on the contrary it is very savoury. But it was less than impressive to have to change your posts over to a new account and in the process leave all your pictures, drafts (the one I came to finish) and other profile information behind. Worse, despite the assurances that it will be a quick set up, it took me three hours to set everything up to a satisfactory standard before I could finally start writing the aforementioned post all over again, the desire to do which was spurred on by an urge that has long since retired for the night. So here I am already half way through what would be an A4 page, writing a post after so long, discussing not what I originally came in to discuss, but the events that caused me to deviate from my plans, labour for three hours till I really couldn’t be bothered anymore and made me forget what I wanted to write about in the first place. Oh well such is life.

So what now, you say… Well today is one of those days when there is too much happening to your liking, and you run out of breath even trying to make sense of it all. There is of course the Cricket World Cup, bringing in brisk business to the effigy makers, fire work manufacturers, builders and fire engineers specialising in cricketers’ homes, and the unruly mobs of the sub-continent. Cricket rabid – not cricket mad – as a mad umpire, and drunk with nationalistic patriotic fervour, the masses are converging to cricket grounds in dense cities, atop mountains and in the middle of tropical jungles, to either bask in the glory of victory in this game that is so much more than life itself, or have their hearts ripped off in the agony of defeat, trampled by Stumpy the elephant and fed to the Hyenas.

There is the revolution in Libya, much more confusing, deadly and unbelievable than those in Tunisia and Egypt which preceded and triggered it. It is astounding that the self-immolation of a distraught, unemployed, young Tunisian IT graduate who’s attempt at earning an honest living by selling vegetables was crushed by corrupt authorities, had lit the fuse of a powder keg of anger and  resentment throughout the normally hushed up and silenced middle east. What is more astounding than this mass revolution sweeping the continents, roaring the peoples demand for change on a scale not seen since the great 1848 revolutions, is that the protestors of Libya, despite being fired upon and supressed by not just troops but mortars, heavy machine guns and warplanes, have essentially managed to seize control of large parts of the country as well as some major cities. Despite not having either a supportive military or a neutral military as in Tunisia and Egypt, despite the state having much harsher control of the population than Tunisia or Egypt, It didn’t take the protestors nearly as long to open a can of well-deserved well preserved and nicely salted whoop. If this will really result in bringing the demanded change as with her neighbours, or if this temporary success of the people is only a prelude to a massive and brutal suppression is yet to be seen, but they have certainly made their point.

Oh how freedom cometh, to those who grow a spine and stand up to tyranny to demand it!

But all this aside, today was a grim day, here in New Zealand. The 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Christchurch at 12.55 pm today has flattened the beautiful garden city, destroying it’s age old landmarks and taking the lives of at least 65 people, cheerfully going about their lives unsuspecting of the coming catastrophe as they left for work this morning, who had only four months ago thanked their stars and just been happy to be alive as the first 7.1 magnitude September earthquake caused great damage to the city however sparing it’s lives. But today it was not to be, with buildings, still intact but weakened after the first quake caved in, trapping hundreds in the middle of their lunch, killing so many, injuring many more. With potentially hundreds still trapped in their shops and offices as I write, as midnight is past. To think that only a month and a half ago I was taking in the panorama of the city from the top of the bell tower of Christchurch Cathedral, around the same time the earthquake hit today; and to see the images of the Cathedral now, caved in and that very spire I stood in reduced to rubble and strewn over the square, I can’t but help clench my fists to overcome the shivers and the cold feeling of sadness and reflect. What could have been? What luck for me? But what does fortune of one compare with the misfortune of many, even if that fortunate one was me? My thoughts tonight are with our very own CHCH, and I hope yours too. And those be my last uttering for now.

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