Some Times you Look and Look Because you Just Need to Grow a Pair

Posted on March 4, 2011


I looked here, in this place

The place where I used to come

To seek my peace and that little space

That I can really call my own.

I searched far and wide, inside my head

And deep inside me, just in case

A trick of the mind, will it hide behind

The veneer that I call my face

I searched left, I searched right,

All I saw was a very dark night,

Not a single star, bright and proud

or the shimmer of a moon lit cloud

But wait, what I want I know

Or do I, gosh I really don’t know

Is it brown, is it blue,

Or just a thought

Stupendous or half- decent

Or just a happy thought, of a girl called Sue

Who’s Sue? Well haven’t got the faintest clue

All I know is that I’ve never seen snow!

Can you believe it I have never seen snow?

Actually that is a lie but most would not know

It was that one time, at that place on the mountain,

Wait, why this talk of snow? It’s a blemin distraction

I was thinking this and then something other than that

what’s happening to me? I must be going as mad as a mad cat

Argghh focus! I am looking for a thing, and not a burger bun

Something that is not a girl, a car a plane or a gun

Oh wait, I know what I searched far for

In my head, like a guy looking in da deep sack

for a tiny tiny key to a little door

It sounds like cabbage

And rhymes with porridge

Yes, that’s it – it right there on your tongue’s edge

All I wanted, and was looking for with utter dread

Is a plain simple, little word called courage.

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