2012, Review the year when the world did not End

Posted on December 22, 2012


And here we are at the gates of yet another closing (of this year, not this World, you crazy sexy Mayan). Let us review. First, my inexcusable absence from this blog that only about two people read for the most part of this year and last was due to my becoming extremely busy with Work, then School, EWBNZ and in spending all the little free time I had left dancing.

Last year I decided that I want to not only dance socially more often, but also that I was confident enough to try take others on and try compete and perform. And while results were mixed, thanks to my beautiful and extremely talented friend Irina’s training and my gorgeous and downright awesome dance partners Caroline, Kathy and Josie, I not only improved tenfold but got immersed in it like a drug addiction. Oh and I also discovered Zouk, which for those that don’t know is better than sex itself. But as I sit here on living room at my Uncle’s place in Moore, Oklahoma, with exams done, and hoping the results of the rest of them are similar to that of my Finance grade, I can write again.

Moore, Oklahoma? Yup, but let’s back track. After essentially six months of doing f*** all, I started as an Energy consultant in a small dynamic, firm in Auckland. I loved working there and it was a changing direction in my career in the direction I wanted. Then (like the day after) I got offered a scholarship to study an International MBA at the University of San Diego (which I initially mistook for a couple of other places but that’s another story). Since I had just started this job and wanted to master the skills it offered, I accepted the IMBA offer but differed it till this year.

So in August, off I went, leaving the familiar yet foggingly (I invent this word, you got a problem?) invisible shores of Auckland to the Sunny skies and the Fahrenheit scale of San Diego. Here I stick out like a man not in Uniform in the middle of an extremely large military base (which San Diego, effectively is).  Then school started and here I am in a sunny town a world away from where I was the last time I wrote anything, doing different things, meeting interesting people, working through challenging courses and learning new things, and making new friends – all because a little change once in a while can never hurt. Some things are the same though; I’m still dancing, albeit just socially and still spending most of my time stressed out about a gazillion things to do (Oh, and Oklahoma? I’m just visiting relatives before a trip to South America in my Xmas break).

One thing about dance though, Zouk is minimal here, and definitely no Gafieira. Salsa is there but its always the salsa I enjoy. I have started loving Bachata, and to an extent it has been a Zouk substitute, but not quite. I can feel the Zouk skills slowly draining, so I end this year no longer the amazing Zoukero I thought I was six months ago (sad face).

This change in scenery has also allowed me to take a step back from life, look at things from a new perspective and reflect, on my person, priorities, relationships, everything. In short, grow up. I wouldn’t score myself just yet… I’m about 60 years still out for that. But I can start taking work seriously, try to find a way to make money from my passion rather than doing it in parallel to a job, and instead of shuffling around, wanting to be everything from a bus driver to an astronaut, make peace with the chosen path.

I know I have potential, and I know I am good but I think wanting a million things meant the little things that would have made me great were lost. I have decided I want to be great, and I’m gonna shove myself down the path I choose so hard like a deranged Lamborghini, its gonna be a mess. But a great mess! I think that is what I will take away from 2012, and it is good that the world hasn’t ended yet because this means I got no excuse but to carry through with this self-promise.

The best thing is I know what I want to do, my calling. Yes, I haven’t quite picked what I want to do career wise and all in the next 2-3 years, but I know how I want to leave and what I want to leave behind. I have known this for a while, but only now do I feel that I can really commit. Climate change is here, it is big it is ugly and I will be damned if I can go through life and not do much more than I have in the past. This doesn’t mean I’m going to grow my hair and hug the closest tree. Quite to the contrary,

Anyways, this article essentially was not an year in review, but a self-confirmation of sorts. Basically you had absolutely no interest in reading this, because you probably don’t know me, don’t care and thus to know about my train of thought about my personal goals and career is utterly meaningless.

So I thank you. Would you like a medal too?

If there is one thing, it is that, as I end this year, I am definitely ending in a high. I am about to go to Rio and Buenos Aires, two places I’ve wanted to visit for years and the places I can honestly say I will pick if I knew I will die in a month and could visit only two cities before then.

So why review the past when there is much more to look forward to. However, the one thing I am looking forward to in 2013, more than the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, with Christ peering over them both, and the streets and music of Buenos Aires… is …

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