The Secret

Posted on December 24, 2012



How long can one keep a secret, how long can he sit on a fire?

Before it gets beyond, the limits of ones courage, and burns his rear,

How long can he lie to himself,

That some are best untold, that time forgets and heels all


Over and over it plays itself,

Like a broken record, what happens if this, or that, then what?

What if I say it, what if I don’t?

Makes one cringe and loathe oneself


For not having courage, to face his fears

For being afraid of the future, and the gaze from between her ears

A shot of vodka, and a push off the brink,

May be then he will tell, maybe that will do the trick


If he waits any longer though

The secret will wilt and it will mellow

And then it will cease to matter so

For he will realise she’s the neighbourhood ho

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