Tackling conflict Putin Vs US

Posted on September 18, 2014


How Putin wins a war
Create a crisis by picking on a political issue of a country, which may not even be that serious.
Use well established propaganda tools to exploit grievances within a section of the community to rile them up to create a local proxy.
Encourage local proxy to take up arms thinking they got a chance.
Push the other side (typically central government) to react and counter attack, causing massive damage and disruption to civilian life.
Give nominal support to proxy to maintain loyalty and good PR, but let the other side almost win.
As the end game nears, completely turn the situation upside down and save the proxy by covertly or overtly bringing in its massive military strength to annihilate the government side, creating a stalemate.
Follow this up with aid and relief on a large scale to firmly establish Russia as the good guys.
The stalemate forces the government to allow this segment of the population to manage themselves and have central authority to be undermined, creating a frozen conflict with a group loyal to Russia set in a commanding position. E.g :- Moldova, Georgia, and now Ukraine
How US and NATO try to win a war
Enter a bitter conflict with complex cultural and geopolitical nuances that you have no understanding of.
Bomb the shit out the ‘bad guys’, not realizing that they are the sons and daughters of the general population, then allow them the freedom they need to organize for revenge.
Install an American style government without thinking if its suitable in the context of local history and culture.
Give them lots of money so they could build up their military and economy, while being hesitant to act against corruption, especially since American companies end up benefiting.
When the resulting grievances come to a head and people start a guerrilla war, either leave or pour money and people into containing it for a couple of election cycles and then leave without really solving the problem when it gets too expensive. E,g: – Vietnam, Iraq, Libya

  • Morale of the story: the US definitely try to be Moral, but Morality doesn’t win wars. FML.
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