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The Secret

December 24, 2012


  How long can one keep a secret, how long can he sit on a fire? Before it gets beyond, the limits of ones courage, and burns his rear, How long can he lie to himself, That some are best untold, that time forgets and heels all   Over and over it plays itself, Like […]


April 22, 2011


Before you sitdown and think yourself great Take a look back and think to yourself mate What have I done to change the world What have I done to make it a better place What have I done to right my wrongs Have I enjoyed the fruits of my forefathers misdeeds What have I done […]

Some Times you Look and Look Because you Just Need to Grow a Pair

March 4, 2011


I looked here, in this place The place where I used to come To seek my peace and that little space That I can really call my own. I searched far and wide, inside my head And deep inside me, just in case A trick of the mind, will it hide behind The veneer that […]

My lost best friend- my sunnys

December 23, 2005


I may be called materialistic, but I really did love my Ray -bans. But on one dark misty night I took my eyes off them (or took them off my eyes rather..) for a moment… in the darkness and utter missary of the engineering computer labs… Of course being the senseless idiot that I am, […]